the orlando issue

the podcast dedicated to the orlando music scene


toi #5

thanks to all the bands that are still sending their stuff and being friends on myspace. thanks.
the fifth orlando issue is right here, right now.

the wynn brothers - can't get over you
not too shabby, but what do we know?

cracker jackson - lasersword
drink more coffee

seven mary three - bark no bite
it's off their new album no one cares about, but what a great website

mohave - before this moment passes
check out bing's podcast: afi


toi #4

if you thought making a podcast about orlando music was pretentious then you should check out the pfalliance. wow. but hey, they mention the orlando issue so we're automattically fans.
the fourth issue is up.

junkie rush - high water rise
they played with one drop a couple days ago, their set pretty much sucked except for this gem.

the heathens - sitck in around
orlando could use more bands like the heathens

the supervillans - moonshine
an orlando staple

new mexican disaster squad - vultures
we think we went to high school with these guys


toi #3

awww man, thanks to everyone for your support, comments and critique. thanks to the bands who keep sending the mp3s. the third issue is up and running.

the summer birds in the cellar - behold the wolf
they're back from their tour and playing jan 11th at the social with dodger (see below sucka)

one drop + gavin castleton - speedbumps
the toi will be at the jan 6th hard rock show

big 10-4 - walking disaster

dodger - find another way
super cool sound

steven foxbury - roses
he's orlando by default


toi #2

here comes another one. listen to the orlando issue #2 right now.

on cassettee - avenue

band marino - make a girl
see them dec. 12th at the backbooth

megaphone - not your enemy

amy steinberg - my pain
she's even in the sentinel


toi #1

up and running. listen to this episode right now

the legendary jc's-seven days a week

new roman times-the turth about high school

gargamel-grin, reaper


what the hell is a podcast?!

well, it's official. "podcast" is a real word so it's time to get with it. a podcast is an audio file that you can download. even better, you can subscribe to the ones you really like. so every time there's a new episode, your computer will automatically download it. creepy.

i think this is the best place to start...